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Become a Partner

Wycliffe is a faith-based nonprofit mission organization of volunteers who do not receive a salary but instead trust in faith that God will supply their needs.  Financial gifts are needed to cover the normal costs of living as well as overseas travel, social security, and taxes.


We cannot go to Papua New Guinea alone.

We are seeking people who will partner with us.

Partnering with us includes:

  • Praying for us and our ministry 

  • Corresponding to give encouragement

  • Regular monetary gifts

We need your involvement to help continue Bible translation in Papua New Guinea

Cost of living, Communication, and Health
Papua New Guinea

More than 1,800 languages (about  145 Million people) around the world are still waiting for a translation project to start

Your Contributions Support

Cost of Living
Jay & Jodi rely on sponsors and donations as their prime source of income to cover their cost of living.

Oversees Fees & Travel for Jay & Jodi

Not only do missionaries have bills for everyday life; groceries, clothing, utilities etc. but also, you may not be aware, even though we live overseas we still pay: US federal and state taxes, health and dental insurance, and social security payments. In addition to these items we have overseas air travel costs, medevac insurance, Ukarumpa center fees and house maintenance in a tropical country.


Communication Efforts in PNG
Jay works for communications in Ukarumpa to support bible translation teams and the community.

Health Care in PNG

Jodi works as a nurse for the Bible translation community providing care in Ukarumpa.

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can contribute:

Hands pointing toward sky
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for one time donation

Hands praying
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Keep Jay and Jodi in your prayers for protection, provision, and where God is leading them. 

Multiple praying hands
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To become a partner, choose the amount to give monthly and set to auto payment

By partnering with us you will be partnering with a worldwide pursuit of
supplying God’s Word to those who do not have it.

Thank you for choosing to support us!

We understand that not everyone is called to work overseas. We identify people who join our Wycliffe Ministry, “Partners” because we truly see you as beside us in PNG physically.  Together, side by side working to see God’s Word change people’s hearts. We cannot serve without you. 






Wycliffe Ministry Budget

Wycliffe establishes a Ministry Budget for its missionaries to reflect recurring expenses related to family factors and their geographic location of service. Giving to Wycliffe directly impacts missionaries’ ability to begin and remain in their assignment.


Our budget is set and managed by Wycliffe USA. We are required to have our initial one time travel costs and our monthly budget needs filled prior to be released back into the field. 


If you would like more details to how our budget is decided please reach out to us. We will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

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