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Jay & Jodi

Jay and Jodi Pettygrove

About Us

On March 12, 2012 Jodi started the Pettygrove Progress blog with a heart to bring her friends and family along side the journey of moving overseas and becoming missionaries. After ten years, the progress still continues for the mission of Bible translations for all PNG languages.


The blog has evolved into this website and you can catch up on all Jodi & Jay's adventures on their email list or follow the Pettygrove Progress on Facebook.

"Jay and I are normal people doing regular jobs in obedience to where God has placed us. It is not easy to be away from children and grandchildren. Even though living overseas can be thrilling, it is filled with unseen challenges which cause us to rely heavily on God in an unfamiliar place. A place where transition is the only constant"- Jodi Pettygrove

Our Story

Jay  and  I  grew  up  in  Christian homes,  both receiving  Christ  at  young  ages. Jay and I met at a Christian University where we both knew mission work was in our future. We were married, finished college, and started life.  Although we still felt the call for missions, we did not see an open door.  As our children got older, we were able to go on short term mission trips. We would have loved to stay overseas, but we were unclear of how we would fit in. When we found Wycliffe, we were very excited because they had a place for each of us.


In the spring of 2010 Jodi came across a web site now called “Mission Next’’. They match your skill set to mission job positions. Later, we were contacted by several organizations. A personal phone call from a Wycliffe member intrigued us. We discovered roles we could fill to support Bible Translation. In January 2011 we became Wycliffe members.

Why Bible Translation?

 Jodi and I believe the Bible is God’s Word to us! Something that everyone should be able to understand in a language that clearly speaks to their hearts. 


When people finally get Scripture in their own language, lives often change in amazing ways. People are transformed as they discover Jesus Christ and enter into a right relationship with God.


That’s why Wycliffe Bible Translators exists — to help speakers of these remaining languages get the Bible for themselves. 


Supporting this effort by going to help is the heart of our call from Jesus…




Papua New Guinea is near Australia and is a very diverse land. It varies from high mountains to  grasslands, from rain forests to swamps and  from warm temperatures on the coast to equatorial glaciers in high mountains.


Jay and Jodi live in Ukarumpa, which is located in the eastern highland province of PNG and has a population of 500-800 people. Ukarumpa serves as an operations center for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Find more about Ukarumpa here
























Wycliffe believes that it takes many people to translate the Bible into other languages. Not all of these people are translators. In order for the translators to concentrate on their work they must have logistic support. These are what most people see as 9-5 jobs.

Where We Live- Ukarumpa

Our Jobs in PNG

Jay - Telephone Manager

Jay is managing the telephone network on our center. He has two trained national employees (Papua New Guineans). On our large center, together they: add and repair telephone and network lines for both departments and residents houses, handle invoicing, and other record keeping. They also explore and

modify current telephone networks to keep up with

rapid technology changes.  With the overall goal to

keep communications flowing around the center

and to the world.

Jodi - Nurse Practitioner

Jodi works as a nurse in the medical clinic. The clinic cares for missionaries working on the center and other places in Papua New Guinea. They also work alongside the Papua New Guineas healthcare workers 

                                                                                            who care for the Papua New Guineans in the                                                                                                        surrounding valley.  Clinic responsibilities include                                                                                                checking patients in, dispensing medications,                                                                                                      taking X-rays, lab work, immunizations, and                                                                                                          providing care as a nurse practitioner. 

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We Need You 

Jay and Jodi need your help to continue their mission of Bible translation. Through healthcare and communications, Jay and Jodi support the Wycliffe missionary community of Ukarumpa. 

Through your financial gifts and offerings of prayer, they are able to help Papua New Guineans be transformed by God’s word.


                                        Click here to make an Impact

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