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Filled with various landscapes and 800 languages, Papua New Guinea is home to Jay and Jodi including many missionaries working on Bible translation 

Papua New Guinea


Island, Geography, People

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Papua New Guinea is an island nation that lies just north of Australia. The island is split between Indonesia on the west side and Papua New Guinea on the east. It is the second largest island in the world and is comprised of smaller islands off the coast. 


Papua New Guinea’s geography varies from high mountains to

grasslands, rain forests to swamps, and warm climate coasts to

glaciers in mountains. These rugged mountain terrains have

caused groups of people to become isolated. This has

resulted in about 800 language groups forming amongst the

seven million people that make up the island.


The average age for Papua New Guineans is 22 years old and

life expectancy is about to 55 years old. In the past few years,

big migrations to urban areas have become popular amongst

the people. Communication since the late 2000s has increased

with mobile phones becoming affordable.


Slash-and-burn techniques are a preferred method of subsistence farming for most of the population. PNG has proficient mining operations that produce silver, gold, copper, and liquid natural gas. The island also focuses on agriculture to export coca, coffee, and copra (derived from coconuts).
















Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea circle chart

Bible Translation in PNG

PNG Bible Translation Occupations

PNG Missionary Translator

Training Bible Translation Process






Currently, over 190 language projects are in

progress with 80 projects waiting for personnel in

order to start. About 200 language groups are

waiting to be assessed to see if a translation project



Wycliffe’s approach to bring Bible translation 

people around the world includes a locally led                                                                                                                                         translation process for a sustainable and                                                                                                                                                   transformational impact.


Wycliffe USA works together with churches and                                                                                                                                    Bible translation organizations around the world to

provide resources and scriptures to meet the needs

of all individuals in the Bible translation process. 


           Wycliffe Bible Translators mission is to bring God’s word to everyone in a language they can understand. That

           mission does not fall short of Papua New Guinea's 800 languages.








"...Guide me clearly along the way you want me to travel 

                              so that I will understand you and walk acceptably before you..."                           

Exodus 33:13 (TLB)

About Us-Ukarumpa


Here translators, linguists, and literacy specialists receive support      assistance and have a secure place to take a breather from village life. Other Wycliffe missionaries such as teachers, aviation personal, medical professionals, computer technicians, and others reside in the center and function as support staff.

The center also has an international school that primarily teaches

missionary children grades preschool through grade twelve.

There is a store for purchasing food and locals come to sell their

fruits and vegetables at markets. Local activities include tennis

courts, weight room, recreational swimming, and fields for sports.

Ukarumpa is located in the eastern highland province of PNG and has a population of 500-800 people. Ukarumpa serves as                                                                                                          an operations center for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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We Need You 

Jay and Jodi need your help to continue their mission of Bible translation. Through healthcare and communications, Jay and Jodi support the Wycliffe missionary community of Ukarumpa. 

Through your financial gifts and offerings of prayer, they are able to help Papua New Guineans be transformed by God’s word.


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