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Papua New Guinea with Jay and Jodi Pettygrove


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Welcome to the Pettygrove Progress

Jay and Jodi’s Wycliffe Ministry is serving the people of Papua New Guinea through Bible Translation. They serve as support staff for the Wycliffe Bible Translators working in over 200 PNG language projects.

Jay and Jodi Pettygrove

Jay & Jodi Pettygrove

Papua New Guinea

About Us

Dive into Jay and Jodi's story, their heart for Bible translation, and working in Papua New Guinea

Explore PNG

Learn some facts about the island, Bible translation in PNG, and where Jay & Jodi live

Why Bible Translation?

Find out what the last 100 years of Bible translation has been and Wycliffe's Current goals

Missionary Resources

Check out Jay & Jodi's resources from along their missionary journey

Learn How to Partner with Our Wycliffe Ministry

Wycliffe is a nonprofit faith based mission. Wycliffe missionaries do not receive a salary but instead trust in faith that God will supply their needs.  We cannot go to Papua New Guinea alone. We are seeking people who will partner with us.

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